Affordable Scrap-Metal Removal& Car Recycling

Swap your scrap metal for cash! Rt. 51 Iron & Metals, LLC, located in Smock, Pennsylvania, specializes in scrap-metal removal and car recycling. We accept all types of metal, including:

• Copper
• Brass
• Steel Grades
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Nickel Alloys
• Cobalt Alloys
• Titanium
• Tungsten
• Catalytic Converters
• Whole Cars (Must Have Title)

Roll-Off Container Service

For your convenience, we have roll-off containers available to dispose of your scrap metal. We have 10-yard and 50-yard range containers available. These can be delivered to your home or business and we'll pick them up for you free of charge. Flexible scheduling is available.
Scrap Container - Scrap-Metal Removal

Tilt-Bed Service

Rt. 51 Iron & Metals, LLC helps remove trucks and old vehicles using a tilt bed. This apparatus is ideal for large commercial or industrial trucks and
heavy equipment.

Additional Services Include:

• On-Site Alloy Testing • Light Demolition

• Commercial Services

Contact us to have a roll-off container delivered to your home so you can dispose of your scrap metal.